Key Factors To Know Before Choosing An Online Tutoring Service

What are some of the factors to consider when choosing an online child tutoring service?  What are the red flags to look for in an online tutoring service?  What are important things to look for in a private tutoring service?

These and many other questions are some of the important things many people are searching for answers about tutoring online. If you are one of them, we have complied a detailed article which we hope will answer any of the questions you might have about hiring a tutoring service.

Why Hire An Online Tutoring Service?
Let's start off by making one thing clear. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a tutoring service. Many parents have utilized a tutoring service and in turn their kids have performed well in subjects that made them fall behind in school. So utilizing these one-on-one learning opportunities comes with many benefits such as:

• Improves your kid’s grades.
• Kids understand the subject matter without the pressure from peers or authorities.
• Personalized attention, which means they will get a good chance to contribute to the subject matter and ask questions they want.
• The same topic being repeated many times to enable kids grasp the subject matter.
• Private tutors work around your schedule.

So, there is no reason be embarrassed about hiring a private tutor to help you bolster your kid’s education.  One thing to keep in mind is that private tutoring is not only for dumb or average kids.  Even bight kids require private tutoring to stay on top of their classes. Some parents also hire private tutors for their bright kids to build their confidence.

Whatever the reason you want to hire a tutoring service, taking this step means you care about your kid’s education and their future.

Red Flags In An Online Tutoring Service
There are tons of tutoring services that promise to help students needing assistance with particular subjects. However, not all of them live up to their promise. Some of them are not legit business but fraudsters who are trying to scam unsuspecting student out of their hard-earned money. To help you choose the best tutoring service from the crowded list, here are some of the red flags to look for in a tutoring service.

1. Poor communication skills
One of the red flags to look for when searching for a tutoring service include poor communication skills in their responses. This include negative attitudes when answering your phone, unprofessionalism when interacting with them, annoying emails, rude customer support and much more. If you realize any of the above concerns when searching for a child tutoring service, it is a tell-tale sign that your kids will also be treated the same.

2. No detailed public information about the company
The bottom line here is that if you can’t find information about the company’s physical location, contact information or what it does on the official website or anywhere on the Internet, then you need to think twice about working with them. Though don’t dismiss them first. If they have left their mobile phone on their official website, just go ahead and seek answers from them. If the company fails to provide convincing answers, there’s probably something they don’t want you to know.

3. Domain age is barely a few months old
You also need to check the domain age of the tutoring service you intend to work with. If the company’s domain name was registered a few months ago, you need to have a second though about working with that company. This is because some newly registered domain names are an effective tool for fraudsters and scammers and therefore they should be treated with suspicion. Some dubious tutoring services hurriedly purchase a new domain name to create new avenue for quick fraudulent money. After a few months, they pull down the website and run into hiding.

4. Domain name registration details are private
The domain name registration details are listed as private. When a tutoring service register its domain name with any registrar, they are asked to fill in personal information including the name of the company, contact information and physical address. This information is published in ICANN Whois Directory and can be accessed by anybody if not hidden. So if any tutoring service has made this important information private, then this is a red flask that the company might not be genuine. If at all they want to work with you, why not make its information public.

5. Poorly designed website
Another red flag is when a tutoring service has a poorly designed website or single page website with little information. Of course, there are several startup companies that are yet to establish online presence or have established websites. If you are doubting whether those companies are legit, just go ahead and ask them questions concerning what they do, their experience and who they have worked with.

6. Negative review and testimonials
A low rating, several negative reviews and testimonials is a red flag that the company might be providing low quality services. So you need to read reviews and testimonials posted online various online reviews sites to known what customers are saying about a particular tutoring service.

7. Low BBB rating
If the company is BBB accredited, you can visit the BBB website to read various complaints from real customers. A tutoring service with very low BBB rating is a red flag that the business is not operating in a trustworthy manner and has not taken any effort to solve various complaints raised by different customers. Even if the company is not found in the BBB website, you need to get more information about the company on scam adviser websites.

8. Lack of SSL Certificate
Most online tutoring service accept credit card information and therefore need an SSL certificate to secure data being transferred. When student visits a secured website, the SSL certificate enables a highly encrypted and secure connection. So it is red flag if a tutoring service lacks this crucial certificate.

At the end of the day, remember that a tutoring service should be reliable and ready to charge fair prices for their services.

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