Tutoring Costs – Your Most Popular Questions Answered

We have been receiving several emails since the start of this year from parents who wants to know how much to pay for different types tutoring services.  Of course, we have been answering their questions privately and we confidently say that most of them were satisfied by the answer we give.
Want to know the answers we gave?  Just continue reading this article.
Does Your Child Need Tutoring In The First Place?
The answer is definitely yes. Tutoring is something that can benefit your kids in many ways and bring rewards to parents too. It is recommended to students who are getting bad grades, falling behind in class, not exploiting their potential, losing interest in school, and those who are not coping with homework load. Private tutoring is also recommended to kids who feel stressed about exams and those who are struggling with specific aspects of learning.
Below are ways your kid can benefit from hiring a tutoring service.
  • Private tutors work at your kid’s learning pace.
  • Private tutors provide one-on-one or in person attention, so your kid learn without the pressure from peers or authorities.
  • They can work on solving learning obstacles that hinders your child’s performance.
  • Tutoring service hire private teachers who teach them more than the syllabus
  • Learning is flexible and convenient.
  • A tutor can help your kids achieve their objectives and goals which they thought they would not accomplish on their own.
How Much Does A Tutor Cost?
You don’t need to worry about not having enough money to pay for your kid’s private tutoring costs. Whatever your budget is low or limited due to expensive alternatives, there is always a tutoring option for you. In fact, tutoring costs varies depending on the tutor’s overall experience, the type of tutoring you want for your kinds and a number of other factors. Below, we have explained in details how much each of the available tutoring opportunities cost.
1. The cost of corporate tutoring center
This is the cost of enrolling your kid in a corporate tutoring centers which are available nationwide. Typically, your kid is placed in a group of three to four students. Each of these groups are assigned a private tutor whose responsibility is to assess and determine areas each kid in his or her group needs attention. The tutor also comes up with a tutoring program to cater for specific needs.
Tutoring cost varies between $45 and $60 per hour, depending on a number of factors such as the state of your child, age and subjects you want your kids to be tutored. Besides ordinary tutors, corporate tutoring center hire corporate tutors who tend to ask more than other tutors. Besides tutoring prices, also be prepared to pay for continuous assessment fees, examination fees, equipment fees, cost of materials and other minor fees. One of the advantages of taking your kids to a corporate tutoring center is that they provide money back if your child doesn’t show progress.
2. The cost of a private tutor
Unlike corporate tutoring centers that put kids into groups, private tutors attend to each child at a specific location, usually at home. They interact one-on-one interaction with each kid solving learning obstacles that may be hindering their performance. Also unlike corporate tutors, many private tutors tend to teach only a few subjects. So you may end up hiring more than one tutor for your kid.
The cost of hiring a private tutor ranges from $30 per to $40 per hour, also depending on a number of factors such as the state of your child, age, subjects and where you want your kids to be tutored. In some cases, the cost may go as high as $80 per hour. The only good thing about private tutors is that they don’t require contracts or upfront fees to get started.
3. The cost of online tutoring service
Online tutoring services provides on-demand tutoring to kids that want to perform well in their local school. They hire online tutors who help kids through various virtual learning environments such as private chat rooms, and shared online workspace.
The cost of hiring an online tutor who are available through online tutoring website ranges from $10 per hour to $30 per hour. The only problem this form of tutoring is that it doesn’t work for every student, especially the younger kids in the 1st to 3rd Grade. Such kids perform better with a more personal and direct tutoring approach.
What Else Will Determine The Price?
Beside the type of tutoring service, below are other factors that will determine how much to pay for tutoring services.
  1. Subject complexity – Private tutors who teach math, physics or any other complex subject may ask more compared to those who teach social sciences. This is because some of the subjects requires less training to become a tutor and therefore may cost less.
  2. Tutor education and experience – Tutor education and experience also determines how much to pay for a certain tutoring service. If you want to hire a math or science tutor with more than 10 years’ experience, be prepared to dig deeper into your pockets to cater for his or her cost. Be sure to ask your tutor the academic institutions they attended, the subject they studied and the number of years they have been in practice.
  3. Session length – If the tutoring session is longer, obvious the total cost will be higher. You will be charging per hour, so be sure to monitor or supervise your tutor from time to time.
  4. Session type – The session type also determines the amount of money you will pay for your kid’s private tutoring. Some of the session types you can consider for your kids include online real-time tutoring, in-person tutoring or small classes which caters for two or three kids.
  5. Distance to the learning center – If you will be talking your kid to the tutor’s location, be prepared to pay for additional costs other than tutoring costs. However, you may request your tutor to cut down his hourly rate to cater for the cost of gas.

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